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Market Leaders Rely on Great Place to Work

Produced and Edited By Great Place To Work UK

"Becoming a Great Place To Work really belongs to everyone within an organisation, it is a common goal. Everyone should strive for it, and ask themselves how you can actively contribute to earning the label."

"Sustaining a trust-centric culture and being acknowledged repeatedly as a great—and now one of the best—place to work has been instrumental in driving our success. The feedback-driven approach to continuous improvement has been a cornerstone in this achievement, for our team, candidates, clients, and the wider community. "

"We continue to participate in the Great Place To Work trajectory because every time you learn something more. The survey is a great way to learn about what matters to our people."

"Our GPTW label helps us, both internally and externally. While internally everyone carries 'pride' having earned the certification, word-of-mouth advertising provides additional visibility externally. Most of our applicants indicate actively looking into this."

"Being a long-lasting participant in the Great Place to Work initiative has allowed us to create a strong employer brand. It forces us to continuously question ourselves to create a context where people can actually balance happiness at work, with performance at work."

"Our Great Place to Work certification has enabled us to strengthen our employer brand, attract new talent and highlight the importance we place on people within our company."