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Our Methodology

We help you to measure and improve your unique employee experience and employer branding by offering evidence-based models and tools.

Do you know what's really going on in your organisation?

Did you hear some rumours in the corridors, but are you unable to get a grip on it? You no longer want to rely on your gut feeling, but really want to get started with reliable data?

The Trust Index™ is our employee survey that measures trust, pride and camaraderie in your organisation. We help you to measure and improve your unique employee experience and employer branding by offering evidence-based models and tools. Great Place To Work’s services yield the data and insights you need to make better strategic business decisions.

Definition of a Great WorkplaceTM

When people think of a Great Workplace™, they often picture an organisation with lavish perks, fancy parties, and amazing benefits. While those elements are present in many of the well-known Best Workplaces™, the definition of a Great Workplace™ goes far deeper.

In fact, at its core, a Great Workplace™ is about the level of trust that employees experience in their leaders, the level of pride they have in their jobs, and the extent to which they enjoy their colleagues.

While trust, pride and camaraderie are far more challenging to sustain than a great set of perks, they are all attainable by any organisation willing to work on them.

Forty years of research and experience have enabled us to define what it means to be a Great Workplace™, to understand how to measure the trust in the workplace, and how to help any organisation become a great workplace.

The Trust Model

The Great Place To Work Trust Index SurveyTM measures individual employee experiences of five dimensions of a high-trust company culture, through 60 statements.

Three of the dimensions are connected to the actions of leaders and building trust: credibility, respect, and fairness. The other two dimensions measure the workplace experience of employees in relation to their colleagues and the wider organisation: camaraderie and pride.


measures the extent to which employees see management as credible (believable, trustworthy) by assessing employees’ perceptions of management’s communication practices, competence, and integrity.
measures the extent to which employees feel that management practices are fair by assessing the equity, impartiality, and justice employees perceive in the workplace.
measures the extent to which employees feel respected by management. It measures the levels of support, collaboration and caring employees perceive as the result of management's actions towards them.
measures employees' sense of pride in their work by assessing the positive way they regard their jobs, team or work group, and the company.
measures employees' sense of enjoyment in the workplace by assessing the level of intimacy, the freedom they feel to express themselves, the sense of hospitality in the workplace, and the extent to which people feel they are members of a community.

The survey is conducted annually in more than 60 countries across 10.000 organisations. It's applicable worldwide in any organisation, regardless of size or industry. The survey is not an end, but a means. The results are the starting point for discussing the things that are going well and those that could be improved.

  • 60 statements
  • 2 open ended questions
  • 5 demographic questions
  • 2 multiple choice questions

  • Answer options on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Questionnaire is based on empirical research

  • Ability to add additional custom questions*
    Only possible if you choose AnalyzeTM or AccelerateTM package.

Your potential Great Place To Work certification is based on your organisation's Trust Index Results.

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Download the whitepaper with more information and example statements.

Download the Trust Index Whitepaper

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The Great Place To Work Trust Model we use to assess employee experience and award Great Place To Work Certification was developed over forty years of qualitative- and quantitative research with responses from millions of workers around the world. This data offers organisations invaluable insight into how their workers will interact with the workplace, and establishes benchmarks for working conditions around the world. Great Place To Work certification is based on the Trust Index results within your organisation. Through our recognition and certification programmes, we celebrate outstanding workplaces that excel at being good employers by conferring the Great Place to Work - Certified™ label and a spot on our Best Workplaces™ lists.

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Our methodology