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Employee survey

Enhance your company culture by understanding and elevating the employee experience

Your people are your competitive advantage. But only when they’re having a great employee experience. Through Great Place To Work®, you can measure and understand how employees actually feel within your organisation. So you can make enhancements to their overall employee experience, leading to a higher level of employee retention and engagement.

How do we measure the employee experience?

We set the industry standard with the most rigorous, data-based model for quantifying employee experience: the Great Place To Work Model™.

Since 1992, we have surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define the one thing that makes for a great workplace: trust.


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"We received the feedback that we needed to make our strategy more tangible for our employees. We took the advice at heart and started with a road show to explain our strategy and listen to our employees’ feedback. This also improved our overall togetherness. "

"Our Great Place to Work certification has enabled us to strengthen our employer brand, attract new talent and highlight the importance we place on people within our company."

"Being a long-lasting participant in the Great Place to Work initiative has allowed us to create a strong employer brand. It forces us to continuously question ourselves to create a context where people can actually balance happiness at work, with performance at work."

"Sustaining a trust-centric culture and being acknowledged repeatedly as a great—and now one of the best—place to work has been instrumental in driving our success. The feedback-driven approach to continuous improvement has been a cornerstone in this achievement, for our team, candidates, clients, and the wider community. "

How does our survey help companies make strategic decisions and improve the employee experience?
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Employee survey platform

Organise employee engagement surveys with ease, analyse performance with accuracy and gather insights that lead to action. All with Emprising™ from Great Place To Work. Built on more than 30 years of research, Emprising is the world’s best employee experience platform. With a proven track record in helping organisations like yours increase employee engagement while doing the right thing for business and people.

Access the system that will allow you to measure employee experience and follow up on the results. With Emprising, you can easily analyse employee data by department, job role, managerial level and more. So you can identify patterns and disparities in employee satisfaction as well as opportunities for improvement. Once certified, you’ll also have immediate access to the Employer Branding Toolkit, complete with your own certificate label and logos.

Create and launch employee surveys quickly and efficiently.

  • Start with our proven Great Place To Work statements.
  • Add your own custom statements and demographics.
  • Conduct quick polls or pulse surveys to continuously monitor employee experience over time.

Measure more of what matters to you and see how you stack up against the best employers in Belgium.

  • Create surveys as unique as your business.
  • Analyse employee data by department, job role, managerial level, and more to uncover patterns and disparities in employee experience.
  • Compare your culture to our Best Workplaces™ in all relevant countries.
  • Identify areas for improvement so you can make our lists of great places to work.

Unlock insights you need to take action.

  • Slice and dice results with heatmaps, demographics, statement breakouts, employee comment analysis and more.
  • Uncover how your employee experience changes over time via historical data and benchmarking.
  • Download customised data spreadsheets and employee comments.


Who can take part in Great Place To Work research?