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Why Great Place to Work®?

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Exceptional data library

Unparalleled benchmarking data and best practices from leading companies around the world.

Industry-proven research methodology

Our Trust Index© Survey is taken by millions of employees annually, and our Great Place to Work® trust model has guided research on workplace culture for decades.

Decades of expertise

30 Years’ experience in culture research and consulting.

We practice what we preach

We’re Business-minded people at a mission driven company. We know what it takes because we live it.

National recognition

Our media partners and network make sure our customers get spotlighted in the national press.

Culture For All

We offer one language to talk about organisational culture and HR programmes and practices.

What differentiates us from other institutes?

As an international partner, we help organisations in their development towards becoming good workplaces. Our mission is to contribute to a better world by increasing trust, pride and pleasure within organisations. We stand out for the following three reasons:


Being a good employer is not about satisfaction or terms of employment. Mutual relationships based on trust, pride and pleasure determine whether an organisation will be a successful employer in the long term. The Great Place to Work® model, based on these three relationships, is applicable to all organisations irrespective of their size, culture or sector.

Two complementary perspectives

Great Place to Work® looks at good employment practices from two perspectives: that of the employee and that of the organisation. This combination allows us to measure the level of trust, pride and pleasure and how the organisational culture is shaped in practice. These two perspectives also form the basis for our recognition of good employment practices.


Great Place to Work® is based in more than 50 countries. Every year, we help around 10.000 organisations all over the world. Indeed, the Great Place to Work® methodology can be applied everywhere. For multinational organisations this means that we can coordinate projects consistently and from a single country.

"Great Place to Work® gives added value in two areas. First, it provides insights into the strengths of our organisation, allowing us to keep improving. Second, as an organisation it gives us a huge boost in employer branding."


Schoenen Torfs

"Great Place to Work® offers the tools we need to measure how our employees experience our policy, which is based on our core values. The research also keeps us focused in terms of benchmarking with other organisations."


Mars Belgium

Trust Fuels Performance

Financial Performance

Drive business outcomes through trust


Unleash innovation within your workforce

Show You Care

Let people know you value their well-being and happiness

Agility & Speed

Change is inevitable to build a resilient company

Customer Centricity

Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your customers

Patient Satisfaction & Loyalty

Create a culture of caring

Professional Excellence

Enable people to deliver sustained results

Process Improvement

Improve quality and efficiency through culture

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