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Pioneers of Trust: Planet Group

Pioneers of Trust: Planet Group

Meet Planet Group

"Doeners zonder gedoe"

In a recent interview, CEO Sam Baro and HR BP Heleen Cardinael of Planet group shared the key elements of the corporate culture, revealing why employees take pride in being part of the Planet Group family.

"At Planet Group it is not just about working; it is about growing, developing and contributing to something bigger than yourself. It is about being proud of what you do and who you are." - Heleen Cardinael, HR Business Partner.

Core values

Planet Group promotes a culture where respect takes centre stage. "I firmly believe that treating people with respect leads to receiving a lot of respect in return. We uphold this across all levels," clarifies CEO Sam Baro. Everyone at Planet Group is treated as equal and autonomous, with a strong emphasis on respecting diverse opinions, values, beliefs, and diversity. Scoring no less than 92% on the domain “respect”, Planet Group confirms being on the right track.

The positive and optimistic mindset is deeply embedded in the company's DNA, as emphasised by both Sam and Heleen. "We just persevere and optimistically seek solutions to any problem that arises."

Perseverance is a third core value of our corporate culture. The company operates from a solutions-oriented perspective, embraces challenges, works hard, laughs often, and strives for growth in the right direction.

Leading by example

According to Sam leading by example is the premise of a good CEO. "By leading by example and being consistent yourself, you leave one, clear mark on your organisational culture. This always means living and leading by values." Heleen can only validate this belief. "Sam embodies Planet Group’s values and vision in a way that is inspiring. His clear vision is reflected in every action and decision we take."

PlanetGroup Leadership

The individual

The company strongly values direct communication with short lines of contact. Despite the continuous growth of the organisation, they adhere to a horizontal organizational structure, allowing individuals the autonomy to make clear decisions. The motto states: "Doers without hassle," emphasising a commitment to acting without unnecessary complications. 

"We see our employees in their uniqueness and strength, aiming to let each of them shine as much as possible and be happy and proud of what they do," states Sam. At Planet Group, it is all about focusing on the individual. You are not only an employee; you are a valuable member of the organisation. It is a place where innovation and initiative are strongly celebrated, providing the freedom to experiment and learn. An environment that supports taking risks and where growth is the norm. "It's not just about working here; it's about growing, developing, and contributing to something larger than yourself.- It's about being proud of what you do, who you are and where you’re going" underlines Heleen.


Planet Group places a strong emphasis on appreciation and recognition, as well as taking initiatives to bring colleagues together both at work and after office hours. "We find that our colleagues feel immensely connected to the organisation and each other, fostering strong bonds among team members. This contributes to a low turnover rate, and people taking immense pride in being part of Planet Group,” thus Sam. Heleen reaffirms this, stating, "The support we receive, both from our leaders and colleagues, is remarkable. When you have an idea or want to start a new project, you're never alone. There are always people around you willing to help, provide advice, and share their experiences."

PlanetGroup Camaraderie

"A job at Planet Group is not just a job; it is a (growth) experience. What truly stands out is the open culture, the warm atmosphere among colleagues, and above all, the deeply rooted motivation of everyone to contribute to the success of the organisation. This is what makes me proud to be a part of this Best Workplace.” (HR BP Heleen Cardinael).

PlanetGroup Pride


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