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Pioneers of Trust: Cofidis

Pioneers of Trust: Cofidis

Meet Cofidis

Cofidis Group is a major player in the financial services market, through its four brands. Operating in 9 countries, the organisation has had a prominent impact on European consumer credit for almost 40 years. With its focus on symmetry of attention, the organisation aims to offer its employees, customers and partners a unique experience that enables them to build an emotional bond. At the heart of Cofidis Group is a commitment to putting people at the centre of everything the company does.

The organisation is not just a workplace — it is a community where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to grow. From its emphasis on inclusivity and work-life balance to its transparent leadership and commitment to open communication, every aspect of the company is designed to a sense of belonging. As Ahmed says, "It is this combination of trust, involvement, conviviality, and fun times that makes my workplace truly exceptional and different from those of my friends." Through these elements, in combination with engagement to feedback and a dedication to discovering and nurturing uniqueness, Cofidis Group continues to set the standard for what it means to become and remain a Great Place To Work. Discover the secrets told by employee Ahmed and CEO Oliver Kling.


The charms of the workplace

Employees appreciate working at Cofidis Group for several reasons. The company creates a positive, inclusive environment and puts a strong emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Olivier says, ’If we give our employees a living environment and work dynamics that make them happy and fulfilled, they will be able to give us their best.” Ahmed confirms, "We operate like a real family, with everyone finding their place, whatever their individuality." As the high score on the statement 'This is a fun place to work' reflects (82%), the organisation is described as a workplace which promotes a sense of belonging. Ahmed also states, "Regular attention, gifts, parties and various facilities such as table football, table tennis and massage chairs, all contribute to our well-being and are great opportunities to bond with our colleagues.

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Transparent leadership

Managers serve as champions of the positive work culture. In the words of Ahmed "Our managers set an example in terms of communication, listening, and involvement." This transparency not only creates a sense of trust, but also ensures alignment among all team members. A Trust Index score of 74% on the communication pillar strongly confirms the abovementioned. A key aspect of effective leadership is honesty, as emphasised by the belief of the CEO, "The clearer, more honest and more frequent the communication with employees, the more they are aware of their importance in and for the company, and the more confidence they have in it." Striking the right balance requires continuous listening and trust-building. “Honest decisions, taken with a clear conscience, are more easily understood and accepted; they develop mutual respect and understanding within the organisation.”

The practice of addressing everyone by their first names is symbolic for the commitment to closeness and approachability. As expressed by Olivier, “Local managers are installed with their teams; directors do not have a dedicated parking space; managers and employees regularly have lunch together in a friendly atmosphere.” This hands-on approach ensures that our leaders are not only visible, but also strongly connected with the teams they guide.


At the core of the leadership philosophy is the belief that trust and autonomy are essential components. As the CEO states, "A good leader is someone you can trust." This emphasis on trust extends beyond professional responsibilities. The sentiment is captured by employee Ahmed: "Here, our work is valued, but we are also valued as individuals". An overall Trust Index score of 84% reinforces this sentiment, where employees express the feeling they truly make a difference at work.

Engage with feedback

The organisation is characterised by a culture of open communication and collaboration. "We invite everyone to provide benevolent feedback, an invaluable tool in business relations.," Oliver noted. Ahmed mentions that the team members are encouraged to share their ideas through various channels such as team meetings, online communication tools, brainstorming sessions, and working groups. Additionally, they highlighted the significance of allowing room for mistakes as opportunities for learning and skill development. "We welcome failures, analyse them and draw lessons from them, which we pass on to the rest of the organisation", the CEO added. "We aim to give every employee the opportunity to develop their skills to ensure professionalism and increase employability. 

The benefits of being a Great Place To Work

Cofidis Group happily shares that the latest annual customer barometer shows continued progress on all indicators - satisfaction, image and recommendation. The upward trend is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. The core of their success lies in the genuine, human relationships they maintain with everyone who seeks their help. It is this personal approach that sets them apart and resonates deeply with valued customers. Olivier mentions “Our certification as a Great Place To Work has allowed us to strengthen our employer brand, attract new talent and emphasise the importance we place on people within our company.

"Ultimately, the unique blend of camaraderie, transparent leadership and emphasis on individual value distinguishes Cofidis Group as a truly Great Place To Work."

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