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Pioneers of Trust: Blue Bricks

Pioneers of Trust: Blue Bricks

Meet Blue Bricks

#1 Best Workplace in Europe 2023 within the category Medium

Trust begins with leading by example

Last year, consultancy firm Blue Bricks participated in the Trust Index employee survey for the very first time, and scored third on the Best Workplaces list in the Netherlands. This year, they’re the #1 Best Workplace in the Netherlands and in all of Europe. Richard Enthoven, Co-Founder and Director, and Rosan Slebioda, Director of Project Success , say trust, freedom, and openness are the keys.

“To become a Best Workplace, you need to know what’s happening in your organization. Listening is the foundation of any good relationship, coupled with trust, freedom, and personal responsibility,” Richard says. “When you clearly and vividly convey a vision, you can tap into the group’s power to push the boundaries of that shared vision.”

Rosan says the ‘tap’ is wide open and flowing. “Blue Bricks is freedom. Freedom comes from trust, and trust fuels personal development. Everyone here is intrinsically motivated to help each other move forward. Whatever the department goals, whatever the height of the bar, whatever the pace. There’s always someone around to help you flourish or catch you when you fall.”


Values in motion

With values like ‘Employees at #1’ and ‘Development from inside out’, Richard explains why leading by example is the only way to lead. “An organization’s values are shaped by the collective. People must lead by example and hold each other accountable. But it’s also my responsibility to motivate my people to embrace the values. So, you have to create an environment where they feel empowered to do so.”

But how does true empowerment happen? According to Rosan, it starts with the right support. “You’re never alone at Blue Bricks. You’re on-boarded to a new client assignment with help from a more experienced colleague. We focus on personal development goals. We truly have the best working environment, the best colleagues, the best leaders, and the best adventures together.”


All for one, one for All

“Our Trust Index employee survey scores are proof that a collective effort is needed to create a great place to work. The strength lies in the group,” Richard insists. “People are willing to help each other and go the extra mile. As a result, people dare to be vulnerable and ask for help. We’ve created an environment in which we can grow together.”

For Rosan, ‘going the extra mile’ is easy when the road is paved with enthusiasm and inclusion. “Every uttered idea lands in a pool of ‘Let’s go! Let’s try!’ There’s also one manager for every business unit who’s responsible for personal development and team cohesiveness. This single point of contact ensures that our feedback gets heard.”



Don't forget the fun

“The bond we have ensures that we have a lot of fun together,” Richard continues. “We have an annual week of reflection and fun in Portugal and many moments throughout the year to celebrate success. These moments bring us closer together.”

Rosan literally made a list of all the fun stuff colleagues can enjoy. But she’s also impressed with the number of ways Blue Bricks shows they truly care. “Mental health is prioritized with things like the Open Up program and licensed therapists available if we need them. Fitness is another priority, and is available at the office. If a client environment isn’t contributing to your personal growth or health, you can move. The list goes on and on. It’s easy to be enthusiastic about working here.”

And now, there’s even more reason for Blue Bricks employees to be enthusiastic. Richard says being selected as the Best Workplace in Europe has had a tangible positive effect. “I didn’t expect it to be so evident, but you can truly see that people take pride in working at the ‘Greatest Place to Work’. They share this with friends, family and clients. This naturally leads to more brand awareness. Our ranking also gives us more visibility in the job market, and more people are applying for jobs here.”


Keys to a culture collective

Aiming for a culture in which your employees feel totally free, and yet fully supported? For Blue Bricks, it begins with trust. Trust your people to fulfill their roles, and ensure they have plenty of support when they do. Work together as a collective to initiate change for the better. Sprinkle in a generous helping of fun, and you’ve got the recipe for a culture that is both wholly accountable and high-performing.

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