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Updated June 2023.

Company Overview

About The Company

Tentoo, part of the international Brisker Group, is the payrolling partner of choice for ambitious freelancers and artists. Whether you are a (part-time)freelancer, self-employed entrepreneur or a large-scaled company, Tentoo has got you covered. Acting as your legal employer, Tentoo takes care of the salary and other administrative obligations, insurance, social security and tax requirements, for both activities in Belgium and abroad.
Our goal? To make freelancing and employing freelancers as easy as possible. Through our HR solution, our digital platform and with our team of 16 enthusiastic colleagues, we make this happen. Our skills, extensive knowledge and a quarter-century of experience ensure that every talent can get started within their own dream – while we take care of the tedious red tape. This way we guarantee that every freelancer in our database has to focus purely on what matters: the job.




Professional services

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