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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”


- Marcel Proust -

Great Place to Work® journey



Post survey

At Great Place to Work®, we assist companies in transforming their workplaces every step of the way. We provide a range of services to enable organisations of all kinds to set themselves up for success through action planning and widescale cultural change programmes. Our approach is rooted in international best practices, based on the global reach of the Great Place to Work® network. We can work in partnership with your team to identify the interventions which will best meet your unique requirements and guide you through the implementation of the change programme.

Our services are always customised to your specific needs. Whether you need a presentation or workshop to get everyone on board before we launch the survey, or a presentation to highlight some of the results from the survey afterwards, we can provide it. Moreover, we do workshops to raise awareness around certain topics, set up focus groups or conduct individual interviews when needed. If you are interested in some extra support, please contact us so we can accommodate your organisation’s needs.

Pre-survey support

Workshops & custom solutions

A successful journey begins before the survey has even started. Based on the Great Place to Work® philosophy, we consider it important for the survey to be supported by the entire organisation.

Commitment workshop with the management

A workshop with the management/directors of the organisation will take place before the first survey, focusing on commitment and embedding. The following subjects will be covered: Which goals have been defined? What does the total process look like? How are we communicating the added value and involving the employees?

Introductory presentation for employees

The aim is to inform employees about Great Place to Work® and the survey. Questions about anonymity or the background of the survey will be answered by Great Place to Work® as an independent party. This provides insights into our philosophy and demonstrates the added value for the employees.

Ambassador workshop with employees

During this workshop, we explain the core elements of the Great Place to Work® methodology and the importance of trust within an organisation. The target group understand their role as ambassadors before, during and after the survey.

Survey support

Two perspectives to establish organisational development

Every organisation is different and has specific needs. To make sure the results are usefull to you, we are able to customise our tools to fit your organisation.

Customisation of the survey

The Trust Index© survey measures employee experience and equips you with accurate, in-depth views of the current state of your workplace culture. Every organisation starts with our standard survey, from there we start customising. This allows you to give the survey a flavour of your organisation, but still be able to benchmark. Adding questions or demographics and personalising the introduction text are just some examples to get you started.

Pulse Survey

A Pulse Survey is a fast and agile way to gain quick insights into the health of a company: hence the name 'Pulse'. Conducting a Pulse Survey means that you'll get an up-to-date insight into trust levels in your organisation without having to wait until a primary survey has been carried out. Moreover, Pulse Surveys are a useful way to evaluate and determine the return on investment for various internal initiatives.

Culture Audit© support

Our Culture Audit© evaluates your organisation's culture - the HR and leadership practices that create the working environment. When constructing this Culture Audit© document for the first time, it is not always easy to know where to start. Our Great Place to Work® project managers support you in this process, so that you are able to capture your organisational culture in this tool.

Post-survey support

Interventions after the survey

When you conduct the research within your organisation, expectations are automatically created. That is why it is very import to take time for action.

Presentation for management or employees

We can facilitate this presentation once we have the results of the employee survey. Towards managers, we show them how to read the results, draw up the main outlines of the follow-up process and discuss their further role. Towards employees, we aim to generate extra employee engagement. We will present the results at an organisational level. Depending on the size of the group, employees have the opportunity to ask questions.

Focus groups and semi-structured interviews

Focus groups and semi-structured interviews can be powerful aids in acquiring deeper insight from employees on survey findings. We create an open, confidential environment where employees feel safe discuss issues that were highlighted by the survey. Depending on the issues we advise to use focus groups (6 to 8 participants) or semi-structured interviews (1:1 basis). The output can provide an effective qualitative diagnostic support to culture change action planning.

Action planning

In this workshop, we facilitate the process in which teams determine the main focus areas and convert them into a targeted action plan with clear goals, actions, deadlines and responsibilities. The aim is to convert the insights gained from the survey and additional discussions with employees into an action plan.

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