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At Great Place To Work® we offer consulting services to support organizations on their journey to building great workplaces for ALL.


At Great Place To Work, we assist companies in transforming their workplaces in every step of their way. We provide a range of pre-, during- and post-survey services to enable organisations to set themselves up for success. Together, we choose the interventions which will best meet your unique requirements to make your organization a Great Place To Work.

Pre-Survey Services

A successful journey begins before the survey has even launched. When a Great Place To Work journey is initiated, it is important that it is supported by the entire organization. Therefore, we developed three services that focus on informing and engaging Great Place To Work stakeholders.

Information presentation for stakeholders

During a 1-hour presentation, we inform survey stakeholders (e.g., social partners, employees, managers…) about the Great Place to Work® Institute, its philosophy, methodology and process. We give insights in the benefits of a Great Workplace and highlight the importance of shared responsibility.

Target group Higher management, mid-level management, employees, HR-teams, social partners...
Format online/physical setting
Duration 1h - 1h30


Ambassador workshop

Our Ambassador Workshop focuses on devolving the ownership of developing a better workplace. The aim of this half-day workshop is to inspire a selected group of employees that will evolve as Great Place to Work ambassadors. We create awareness about the fact that becoming a Great Place to Work is a shared responsibility, where every individual can have an impact. We make sure the ambassadors understand our model and the related concepts and challenge them to think about what they can do to promote the Great Place to Work story internally.

Target group Employees who will evolve as Great Place to Work ambassadors
Format physical setting
Duration 1/2 day


Commitment workshop

The aim of this half-day workshop is to inform higher management about the Great Place to Work philosophy and methodology. We give them insight into the importance of building trust and its advantages for your organisation. We discuss the goals of the research and talk about how the Great Place to Work story fits in the organisational objectives. The aim is to create an interactive atmosphere by implementing different exercises, discussions, brainstorms… between managers.

Target group Higher management                                                                          
Format physical setting
Duration 1/2 day

During-Survey Services

Every organisation is different and has specific needs. To make sure the results are useful to you, we can customise our survey tools to fit your organisation. Feel free to ask your Customer Success Manager for advice.