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Groep Huyzentruyt

Groep Huyzentruyt

Company Overview

About The Company

Groep Huyzentruyt is a family business that has existed for 110 years and describes itself as "At home in affordable housing". We started with a prefab factory to build houses. Over the years, Woningbouw Huyzentruyt has taken over various companies and later, in addition to building houses, we also started building flats.


Real Estate // Housing

"Enorm veel drive, "goesting" om te werken en dingen te doen slagen."

Employee comment

"Er werd door de jaren heen een zeer goede basis gelegd waardoor de Covid-19 crisis weinig impact heeft op de organisatie en dat is toch heel bijzonder."

Employee comment

"De infrastructuur is wel indrukwekkend, ook al kunnen we er nu niet optimaal gebruik van maken."

Employee comment

"Openheid naar communicatie - de wil van het management om het goed te doen."

Employee comment

"Heel aangename collega's, iedereen wil elkaar helpen."

Employee comment

Management is competent at running the business.
This is a physically safe place to work.
People here are treated fairly regardless of their race.
My work has special meaning: this is not “just a job.”
People celebrate special events around here.

Life at ...

We are very proud of our new infrastructure:
Because of the switch to Project Developer we decided to develop an in-house showroom where our clients can choose the finishing touches of their new home (floors, bathroom etc..)
For our employees we created a beautiful lounge with a coffee corner, a bar, a kitchen, a cosy eating area, meeting rooms that are highly equipped and a fitness room. This will be the ideal place for our employees to interact, work and play together.
Both the showroom and the lounge are breath-taking, see for yourself in the pictures below!

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