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Employee experience Certification expired April 2020.

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About The Company

A good working atmosphere is important, if not the most important aspect of why someone continues to work for a company or not. Collaboration and collegiality are at the top of the ladder at Accent Jobs. With us, you are not a number but a face, an individual, a person. You can be proud that the General Manager addresses you by name at one of our national training courses.

We consider our employees to be our most important asset. That's why every day at Accent Jobs starts with a briefing, together with the rest of your team. In this briefing, all violins are tuned together, all tasks are divided and we know the objective of the day.

Each office is modernly furnished and equipped with a kitchen, a Nespresso machine, etc. Plants provide a homely feeling and the Marketing department provides cool, new gadgets all year round.




Professional Services // Staffing & Recruitment

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