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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

You, our Great Workplaces™, have so much valuable knowledge and inspiring practices! We are convinced that sharing this expertise with each other, can help you grow even further. The Great Place to Work® Institute fuels this network with new insights and inspiring content.

In this session we will focus on the Great Place to Work® Giftwork© approach.

Giftwork© can help you jump-start the process of developing the capabilities of your manager to transform your organisation one team at a time. Transforming workplace culture doesn’t happen by edict. It starts on the ground, in everyday interactions between managers and their employees. The Giftwork® approach doesn’t require drastic changes in the way you conduct your business. Rather, it’s about infusing what you already do with a renewed sense of generosity, individual intention, and inclusion. Participants will learn what fosters the trust required for this transformation, and what destroys it. Participants will develop the personal skills every one master – and learn what it takes to build an inspiring, productive workplace culture. This journey is highly interactive, immersive, and fun.

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