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Inspiration Session - Psychological Safety at work: Dirk Buyens

Inspiration Session - Psychological Safety at work: Dirk Buyens
September 19th 2022, 11.00 AM – 12.00 PM

Become a Psychologically Safe organisation by learning from Prof Dirk Buyens, CEO of GPtW Belgium!

Working effectively in interdependent teams becomes more critical in the uncertain business world. Every organisation strives for continuous improvement of performance and collaborations in complex situations. Research shows that well-coordinated, coherent, and diverse teams have the best results. So, they don’t solely focus on the task and project; it is also about trust and connectedness.

Feeling psychologically safe in those teams is essential. There are namely personal risks that individuals take to deliver such good team performances. For example, bringing up new ideas, giving constructive feedback, experimenting with new ways of working, communicating concerns, etc., can only occur when employees know they won’t be punished for these behaviours.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experts. Get inspired by the what, why's and how’s of Psychological Safety at work and join us in this inspiration session with Prof Dirk Buyens, CEO of Great Place to Work Belgium!