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3 Takeaways from N-Side's Employer Branding strategy

3 Takeaways from N-Side's Employer Branding strategy

Successful employer brands tell their culture story from the inside out, and the best storytellers are your people. When you can tell the story of your company culture through the genuine experiences of your employees, your employer branding is “inside-out.” We invited our intern Tine to join our inspiration session on Employer Branding en learn about N-Side's approach to Employer Branding. These are her take-aways!

In the first week of September, I was warmly welcomed as an intern to the enthusiastic Great Place to Work® team. Immediately, they let me be part of the Inspiration Session on the 9th of September. Maud Larochette (Interim CEO/Director of People & Business Organisation) and Paola Murgia (Head of People Experience) of N-Side inspired me in three ways when explaining their employer branding strategy. 


Let’s first get to know theorganisation a bit better. N-Side is a “fast-growing innovative software consulting companyin advanced analytics”, where they optimize algorithms concerning life science and energy.This way, they want to reducewaste and improve health and sustainability in fast changing areas. They are situated in Louvain-la-Neuve, but also have a campus in the USA. It is a young (average age is 31) and diverse companywhere the employees are seen as very important.

3 Takeaways:

During N-Side’s testimonial, therewere three key points that really spoke to me. These includedthat N-Side installed a culture book, is keen on using employer feedback to improve the organisation and using the Best Workplaces label to attract and retain employees.

1. Culture book

To explain their corporate identity and valuestransparently, N-Side created a culture book. They wanted that thethree aspects of their culture (Care, Learn and Grow) and the uniqueness of the company is comprehendible and easy to find for everyone. By spreading this culture book, clear communication regarding the N-Side culture wasenhanced both internally andexternally. The bookalso incorporates testimonials of ‘N-Siders’ themselves. Employees that feel the values are lived in their organisation and stand behind them for 100%, impressive!

2. Employee feedback

N-Side focusses on receiving employer feedback to co-create a great workenvironment. They wanttheir employees to be satisfied and engaged, they continuously take on areas of improvement while building on their strengths at the same time. To this end, the Great Place to Work®surveys wereput into use. It helped themassessthe employees’experience and point out which areas weregoing well and which couldbe tackledto create a better workplace. Listening to your employees is key when building a strong company culture, and that is exactly what N-side does.

3. Label

Now in 2021, N-Side can proudly present itself as being number 5 on the Best Workplaces list!The Best Place toWork certificationcan be used in theemployer branding strategy and increase the visibility on the labour market.Therefore, attractingnew talents becomeseasier. Furthermore,the label boosts internal pride. A lot of N-Siders love and want to stay working in an organisation that
values their employee experience, that listens to and involves them. Becoming a great workplace is a joint responsibility and a great achievement that needs to be recognised both internally as well as externally, and that is exactly what the Best Workplaces label does.

This testimonial of N-Side really opened my eyes on how effectively the Great Place to Work®servicesand philosophy can be implemented in organisations. I am thus thrilled to learn more about the way the Great Place to Work®team functions. Off to many exciting and educational experiences duringmy internship here!

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