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Is my organisation a great place to work?

Is my organisation a great place to work?

Do you recognise yourself in quotes like: 'The company culture here is special. It's like coming home', 'Employees are greatly appreciated here', 'You have the freedom to be yourself', 'You are a person with a name and not just a number', 'The management is in touch with what’s important'? Then you might be working for your dream employer!

What makes the difference?

What makes employees experience and judge their organisation as a good workplace with a strong organisational culture? These are organisations where communication is transparent, all employees feel valued, decisions are not just taken top-down, cooperation between colleagues runs smoothly, people get energy from their work and where goals are achieved. It is a working environment in which you trust the people you work for, are proud of what you do and enjoy the people you work with. Especially in difficult times this is not only important, but it is essential! Trust is good for a company's entire immune system; a protection that can also help in good times and in bad.

10 questions you can ask yourself

1. Start at the beginning
Do new employees fit in well with your organisational culture and are 'newbees' welcomed in a warm and original way?

2. Communication, communication, communication
Do you know what your organisation stands for and what your common goal is? Do you experience transparent communication where openness and authenticity are central?

3. The best boss
Do you have a manager who propagates the values of your organisation, at every contact and in everything he/she does? Do they do what they say? Do you know what your manager expects from you and what you are entitled to expect?

4. Your opinion counts!
Are you involved in decisions that affect you and your work environment? Is there room to make mistakes and learn from them? Do you feel comfortable making your voice heard?

5. A healthy mind in a healthy body
From attention to ergonomics, to exercising together, from flexible hours to yoga at work. Does your organisation pay attention to your well-being?

6. My work is more than just a job
Do you feel that you are an important part of your organisation? Of course, your job means something, and every employee is an essential part of the bigger picture!

7. Varying, different, diverse
Is attention being paid to diversity and inclusion? Whatever you do, or whoever you are, is everyone treated equally your organisation?

8. Appreciation
Is the work people do regularly rewarded? Do employees get a pat on the back every now and then? Does the pleasant atmosphere among colleagues make you enjoy going to work?

9. Development and development
Standing still is going backwards, they say. And certainly as an organisation in ever-changing times it is important to be able to offer prospects to employees. Do you get the chance to follow training courses, take on new challenges and develop yourself?

10. 'Flex it up?
It may seem obvious by now, working from home is the 'new normal'. But is your organisation working towards flexibility and a flexible policy? Is extra effort being put into communication and connection? How does your organisation deal with this?

Shout it from the rooftops!

Have you answered 'yes' to most questions? Then you can justifiably be proud of your dream job! Your organisation is unique and deserves a round of applause!

Maybe this is your chance to showcase your company? Nominate your organisation as a Great Workplace here! Based on this nomination we will contact you and ask your colleagues to get an even better idea of your workplace. Companies with a great corporate culture may be eligible to be Great Place to Work® certified and then ranked on our Best Workplaces™ lists, which will generate national press coverage, raise awareness of your company and increase applicant confidence in your organisation.