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Fee’s experience: All good stories come to an end

Fee’s experience: All good stories come to an end

Time has flown by. I can hardly believe that the last week of my internship has arrived. Yet it is the harsh reality. In this final blog of the Fee's experience series, I look back on the fantastic 6 months I had within the Great Place to Work team, full of great learning opportunities and memorable experiences.

Though I’ve had somepart-time studentjobs in the past, joining the Great Place to Work team was my first experience of long full-time employment. It was a way to get to know many companies and howeach of them function. Additionally, I had the opportunityto try out little bits of lots of different roles, with the possibility to get a large amount of constructive feedback. It also gave me a chance to apply all the things I’ve been learning over the last 4 years in my Industrial Psychology studies, in a real-world context.

I was closely involved in the certification trajectories of many companies, created plenty of content for our website and helped the team with administrative tasks wherever I could. But my responsibilities as an intern also extended far beyond that, surpassing all my expectations. The Great Place to Work team never stands still. Strategic changes are daily fare and agility is key. As an intern, I was able to contribute to that dynamic aspect as well. I attended the many strategic meetings to give my critical view as an ‘outsider’, worked on a project about customer success and felt like a valuable member of the team every single day. As the Great Place to Work team impacted me in many ways, I hope I also left my mark behind and that my accomplishments this past few months will have a lasting positive impact on the functioning of the team.

When I think about aspects that I would change in regards to this internship, not many come to mind. Nonetheless, it was anything but an evident time to do an internship. I spent most of it behind my small desk in my student dorm: exciting in the beginning and increasingly difficult towards the end because I started missing the physical contact with my colleagues more and more. My remote internship was different, but not less of a learning experience. Working from home has made me perhaps an even stronger communicator, better problem solver and more efficient worker. I am convinced that this remote experience will help me from time to time for the rest of my professional life.

I’ve spoken about the knowledge and experiences I gained throughout the internship as well as what I struggled with. Finally, I also wanted to illuminate what, for me, was most impactful, namely building strong working relationships with the wonderful Great Place to Work team. So, I would like to end with a tributeto these fantastic colleagues! They offered a warm and supportive working environment for learning new things and offered plenty of opportunities for self-development. It was an honour to work with such motivated and warm people. Each and every one of them is so passionate about the Great Place to Work philosophy and works with all their manpower to put companies on the right path to obtain a Great Place to Work label. I still have little idea of what my future will bring but 1 thing is for sure: I will take their passion and dedication with me to whatever workplace I end up in.