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5 tips for a strong employer brand!

5 tips for a strong employer brand!

It is a challenge for many organisations to find talents that fit their culture. A strong brand increases brand awareness, helps to attract and retain customers and distinguishes an organisation from its competitors. How do you tackle this? Well, first and foremost by taking care of your employees!

Research has shown that the public trust in an organisation is most influenced by the extent to which organisations treat their employees well. The image of an organisation is therefore strongly determined by the reputation you have as an employer and how you deal with your collaborators. Anyone who positions themselves authentically as an attractive employer will stand out positively in the crowd.

Winning externally is starting internally

It is not just a sauce that you pour over your recruitment campaign or cosmetic changes you make on your recruitment site. As an organisation, it is not about campaigning that you are a good employer, it's about being a good employer. If the internal situation matches the external message, as an organisation you will attract and retain talent!

Start at the beginning

Start by building a strong internal culture. What makes your organisation unique? What values and mission are pursued? First focus on the current employees. Are employees aware of this vision and their part in realising the strategy? What elements make your organisational culture so special? What are the elements in the culture that make them happy to work for your organisation? Are these the development opportunities, the family feeling, the special service, the unique contribution to society...? This information can help determine which message you want to convey externally in order to determine your position.

Employees as spokes(wo)men

Make your employees your most loyal ambassadors, the most credible spokespersons
of your organisation. If employees are proud of the culture to which they belong, they want to talk about it! Encourage them to tell their story, give them the time, space and resources to share their message.

Search and you shall find

Now that you have passed by 'start', you can move on! Continue to build your brand, continue to find new talent to make your organisation even stronger. Form a clear picture of what you are looking for, adapt your means of communication. By translating the mission, vision and strategy into the desired behaviour, an image can be formed of the characteristics and qualities of the ideal candidate. Make a clear choice that is in line with the culture and define qualities that are crucial for working in your organisation.

Honesty is the best policy

Finally, the last, and very important, step: be honest in your communication. Many organisations make the mistake of pretending to be prettier than they are, which can create false expectations among candidates. When new employees start working for you, you want the expectations created beforehand to be fulfilled. That is what builds trust. So, ensure a sincere and consistent message in your communication.

Certification & Best Companies

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