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4 tips for building your employer brand from Best Workplace Bewire

4 tips for building your employer brand from Best Workplace Bewire

Successful employer brands tell their culture story from the inside out, and the best storytellers are your people. When you can tell the story of your company culture through the genuine experiences of your employees, your employer branding is “inside-out.” We invited our intern Lina to join our inspiration session on Employer Branding en learn about Bewire's approach to Employer Branding. These are her take-aways!

The first inspiration session of my internship at Great Place to Work is a fact. After a short introduction about the Great Place to Work philosophy and services, the focus was on employer branding. Too often people associate the term with an active recruitment strategy of promoting a company’s reputation as an employer. But it encompasses more than just attracting top talent. Employer branding is also about truly living out that image by creating a strong workplace culture that nourishes a pleasant employee experience. Approached in this way, successful companies are able to retain the right people: those who fit the culture, who are proud of their jobs and who are motivated to let their organization flourish.

The burning question is how. During the session, Julie van Gorp (Human Capital Manager at Bewire) shared some inspiring insights about their journey:

4 tips for building your employer brand from Best Workplace Bewire:

1. Build a strong organizational culture from within

“A successful employer brand fundamentally starts with a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for”, Julie begun her story. Using a participative approach, Bewire could identify five core values that fuel their everyday organization: empowerment, excellence, impact, togetherness and respect. They further reinforced these values through several creative HR-practices. For example Bewire Labs, an online platform where employees can explore and execute bold new ideas to develop their skills and expertise. Or the ‘memorable office moments’-saga on social media to create the fun factor. Just to name a few. An overview of these practices, directly mapped onto the values, is freely available for employees via the Bewire Bible to foster transparency.

Aware that the only constant is change, Bewire continuously monitors their employee experience through the annual Great place to Work Trust Index© and the Bewire Improvement Board. The latter is an innovative initiative they set up to ask employee feedback more directly and regularly in the form of an informal and confidential dinner. Through the combination of both initiatives, Bewire is able to respond quickly and optimally to the needs and wishes of their employees.

2. Position yourself as a unique employer to the rest of the world

In a second step, they wanted to share this vision externally by stating a compelling employer value proposition (EVP). An EVP communicates the unique value of working at an organisation now and in the future, to current and prospective employees. “Because the IT-sector is a challenging business, we can’t differentiate us from our competition with attractive salaries or career paths. We try to stand out from the crowd by who we are, by our strong workplace culture”, explained Julie. “That’s why we translated our vision in one clear mission statement: ‘At Bewire, we jointly create a work environment where everyone can be themselves, feels appreciated and is involved’.”

3. Make use of branding and certification

Finally, Bewire adapts their communication to attract the right target group. They designed for example their own visual style on social media that represents their dynamic, no-nonsense way of working. In addition, they proudly show their Great Place to Work-certificates. “Since Bewire was founded in 2015, we almost immediately joined Great Place to Work in 2016 and got certified year after year. We actively engage with the employee feedback to continuously improve ourselves. And this hard work pays off, because this year we can call ourselves a Best Workplace!”, said Julie. “This recognition clearly has a positive effect on our (talent)website views and applications: when we ask job candidates how they found us, they often refer to the Great Place to Work-website and -lists.”

4. People still trust people more than brands

When an organisation has a strong internal culture, their employees will be the most loyal and credible ambassadors. At Bewire this happens both spontaneously through gadgets and referrals, and active encouragement. “When we ask employees to represent Bewire at a job fair for example, they accept because of intrinsic motivation and not because of a monetary reward”, clarified Julie.

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